Monday, November 4, 2019

What is Truecaller? Explained

A normal user always has trouble taking all calls because very often there are some unwanted calls which we do not like to pick up. Many of us users do not know what Truecaller is and how Truecaller works?

Truecaller is a unique app that delivers an experience that is beyond the limitations of earlier phonebook apps.

It helps people to find other contact information which are based on name and number. In this, users do not have to receive calls to identify or block any incoming calls. Therefore, you will never have to leave this service to get the right contact.

What is Truecaller App?

Truecaller is a mobile application that is used by users all over the world on the basis of a number lookup service. Its job is to provide all the information of incoming calls to the users.

Truecaller developed a Swedish company named True Software Scandinavia AB. It is a privately held company of Stockholm, Sweden which was founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009.

How truecaller works?

It has a Wide Caller Directory
The PC version of Truecaller not only detects your locality numbers but it also detects international numbers. Also, this app can identify national and international numbers and all their available information.

Performs auto detection
This app does not detect only those numbers which are saved in your contact list. Rather, all these numbers which are in a website, or in any social media such as WhatsApp or facebook messenger too, by clicking them, you can identify all those numbers in Truecaller.

Excessive Spam Protects Us From Calls
This app automatically detects spam and fake calls and prevents them from reaching the users. Whenever a spammer calls you, then your screen automatically turns into red and a warning starts appearing. These are the same numbers that many people have given the tag of spam.

Truecaller is available in both Free Version and Premium version. Where the free version is absolutely free, in the premium version users have to pay some subscription fees. In Truecaller account in Premium Version, a Pro badge shows in the user profile. Together you can get up to 30 contacts request in a single month. Apart from this, you will not see any more ads at all.

Benefits of truecaller

  • You can block all the callers who hide their numbers and do not allow your identity to be displayed.
  • Truecaller can work on any device without internet.
  • This app has options to block unwanted calls and messages.

If you want, you can manually fill all basic information in Truecaller or connect your Truecaller account to your social account, so that they can automatically collect all the information.
Profiles are verified manually in Truecaller. For this work, Truecaller has a community of its own, whose job is to identify the correct profiles and give them a "verified" badge. This makes it very difficult for spammers to create fake profile in Truecaller.