Monday, November 4, 2019

What is Telegram? Explained

There will be many such people among you who may have used Whatsapp, but perhaps you do not know about what Telegram is. Yes friends, Telegram is a messaging app just like Whatsapp.

What is Telegram?

Telegram wikipedia is a could-based instant messaging service. This is such a messenger with which you can chat online with your family and friends.

Like you do in Whatsapp Messenger. You can say this is a very big alternative to Whatsapp. It is available in all platforms such as Android, iOS and Telegram PC, etc.

Telegram is very easy to use, reliable and safe and secure compared to its competitors.
Telegram is an Instant Messaging and Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) service (Mobile and PC App) based on Cloud. Cloud here means that the data of your Telegram App is stored in Telegram's server instead of your device.

Telegram has many features that make it different from others such as Telegram Groups, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bots, Telegram Stickers etc.

Some Security Features of Telegram App

Encryption: - While other messaging apps have only 2 layers of encryption, Telegram has 3 layers of encryption, which makes it more secure than others.

Secret Chat: - It has the feature of secret chat, where you can destroy your chats when your conversation is over and if you want, you can also delete them automatically, for which you have to set a time. .

Protocol: - Telegram uses MTProto protocol to encrypt the data of its users.

Telegram's team (Office) is currently based in Dubai, but Telegram App belongs to Russia (Russia). Telegram's team had to leave Russia due to some local It rules. Before moving to Dubai, he tried hard to go to many places including Berlin, London and Singapore.

At the same time, for your information, let us know that even though both of these brothers are from Russia, they both made their non-profit company in germany, so officially it is a German company.

What is telegram channel

Like other applications, Telegram Channels is a very important reason that most people download and use Telegram.

With these channels, all users can easily read news, watch analytics, learn investing strategies and get good information.

Nowadays, Telegram Channels has become a very better place to get maximum information on a particular topic. It is better than internet, Facebook pages and even Instagram pages in terms of knowledge.

Features of Telegram Channels

Unlimited Members
There is no restriction when members join. Anyone can join your channel with the help of public or private links. Telegram will never warn you for member counts.

If a new member joins your channel then he / she can comfortably read all the messages that you or an admin posted from the beginning of the channel.

Pinning post
If you want to show an important message to your new as well as old members then you can pin that post for it.

With this, that pinned message will always be displayed at the top of your channel. Often announcement or important updates are pinned to the channel.

Channel Icon and Description
It helps you set a square image like a channel icon which helps in identifying a Telegram channel. You can also add a description to your channel. You can also add a link in this description section.