Monday, November 25, 2019

Best Free Tool For Keyword Research

Friends, you are welcome in our new blog, so today our topic is a free tool for keyword research, friends if you are getting started in blogging and want to know about such free keyword research tool.

From which you can find the best free keyword and write an excellent post on it, so that you can bring your page or website to google search appearance, today I will tell you such free and best keyword research tool from where you can do keyword research.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool


Friends, if you talk about free keyword research tools, after Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest is an excellent Free Keyword Search Tool that gives you accurate data after Google Planner, how much monthly search volume is on a specific keyword.

And how much SEO difficulty is there for that keyword and how much CPC you get on that particular keyword, it tells you everything for free, so this tool comes in second, friends not only if you search any keyword in uber suggest

Wordstream Free Tool for Keyword Research

Friends, you can also remove keywords for yourself from workstream and from here you can save all those keywords in excel or pdf format so that you can use all those keywords in your article, friends will give you a suggestion here that you will always Pay attention to website content and know how to write an informative article while using focus keyword

You should not write your post as much as you needless information, to know that the user has come to your website and do not use your keyword more frequently in the article as the length of your article is only 2 OR 3% per cent. Use what is right in the eyes of Google

Bing Free Keyword Research Tool

Friends, Bing is considered to be the largest search engine after Google and first of all, go to Bing Webmaster Tool and submit your website here, and in the bing webmaster tool, you will get to see many excellent and free tools which are absolutely free.

Here you have to go to Dashboard and go to Diagnostic & Tool option, and then you can find your keyword by going to Keyword Research, and it has been provided a free tool by  Bing, and the best keyword finder tool is Google and ubersuggest.

Google Planner For Keyword Research

Friends, Google keyword planner is a free and best keyword research tool by which you can find the keyword for absolutely free, on which keyword you have to work, from here you can find the search volume, competition, and CPC of that particular keyword and Then by writing an excellent post on it, you can easily rank it in Google.

As you know Google is the biggest search engine, and all bloggers want to rank their posts in Google, so here google keyword planner can be very beneficial for you, and it is the absolutely free and best tool.

So this will tell you how many posts on this keyword are already ranked in Google, so from this you can go to all those websites and see how they have written an excellent post on this keyword, so that they can be found on the first page of Google Ranking and you can leave them behind by writing more good articles from them and bring your article to the first page