Thursday, October 31, 2019

What is SEO & Tips For Beginners?

What is SEO?

The Very First Question is, question Have you ever heard about it before? If yes then it is a very good thing. And if neither, I will tell you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means search engine means search and optimization means optimization. This means being compatible with search engines according to search. This means SEO.

SEO Tips For Beginners

Now it is natural to come to your mind that what should be done to Search Engine to make your blog or website SEO based. For this, I give an example, when we have to take something from someone, then we also have to mold it according to what we want to take. Now if we have to take maximum traffic from the search engine, then we will have to adapt accordingly. This means that we have to do what the search engine likes. Now comes the search engine what do you like?
Follow these suggestions, and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search engine results.
So know what search engines like:
First, your blog's loading time should be less. It is also important for your blog/website to be mobile-friendly because nowadays most readers do Internet Surfing in mobile, so according to them, it is important to have your Blog Template. To know this, maximize your browser.

Second, Submit your Blog/Website there with the help of Google's Webmaster Tool. And also put in another search engine. Note: In the next article you will know the complete process of submitting your blog / website to Webmaster.

Third, search engine wants your content to be of good quality and original, if you are blogging and material is copying from somewhere, if Google does not like your article then it will give your post with good rank Show will not do. A new Blogger has to use Spacial Tips to improve his blog. Now you have to do SEO Friendly work. For this you have to adopt these 5 methods given below.
Know five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking in Hindi.

  • Write a unique and real fresh article: While writing the article you should always know that there should not be an error of words. While writing a good article, use H1, H2, H3 (Heading, Subheading and Minor heading) in your blog / website as needed. And special care should be taken to use H1, H2 in Serial only.
  • Use image related to article: You should take special care that Google has Algorithm available to scan the image as well. So the image you use in the post should also be related to the post. Always a good Blogger creates an image for his SEO friendly post himself.
  • Use of keyword according to user query: Before writing the post, you should know what the user will write in the search engine that if your article comes to the first page, then for that you have to give the title and heading of your post. And make maximum use of those keywords which are the main topic of your post.

Fourth, Correct use of Permalink: Permalink is also very effective in SEO. And we cannot change it after Post Publish, so keep in mind that Permalink should be small and SEO friendly to your article, for this you can take Google help. Always use the Main Keyword in Permalink.

Last, Use Interlinks: In the middle of the post, such keywords came on which you have already written the article on your blog, then link that article with those keywords. This will increase your page views as well as the article's Google rank.