Monday, December 9, 2019

How to Earn Money From Blog?

Friends, if you want to make good money from your blog, then, first of all, you want to say that you will be able to make money from your blog only when there is good daily traffic in your blog and for this, you will have to first identify your blog

And we have to be consistence in it, that is, you will have to insert new articles in it daily, from which Google's crawler will come to your website and analyze that if you post on your blog daily, it will give a positive signal to Google and then your website will grow slowly.

Earn money by advertising

Friends, if your blog is recognized in the Internet or there is a lot of traffic in your blog, then such a lot of brands or companies are drawn towards your blog or website to advertise your product.

This can be beneficial for those bloggers whose blog gets a lot of traffic, so by direct advertising you can make a lot of money.

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Sell ​​Digital Services

Friends, if you have any kind of digital skills inside you, then you can make good money by giving digital service to people with this skill like my blog is on Digital Marketing, SEO and Blogging.

So if you have similar skills then you can make money by moving people or your company through their skills to your business and the company agrees to pay a lot of money for this work if you benefit in their business. Lets you

Make Money By Affiliate Marketing

Yes friends, all of you must know that you can make a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing in your blog, and nowadays affiliate marketing is very popular and friends are a lot of bloggers who are very much interested in affiliate marketing rather than Google Adsense. Are printing great money

And the best thing in this is that if traffic comes in your blog, then you can also easily make up to $ 100 from just one sale from affiliate marketing in your blog and there are so many affiliate marketing programs that you can only sell one On commissioning

Earn Money By Paid Reviews

Yes friends, if you have an identity of your blog or your blog is getting good traffic, then you can earn money by reviewing the company's product, but I will tell you the same, due to this your audience's trust in your blog may fall.

If you are blogging only for money and money, then your audience will understand that you only want to wish money from your blog, so as much as possible, you should review the amount of work and good paid from your niche, so that your audience's blog But also keep trust and you can earn money too

In the end, I would like to say this: First of all, make an identity of your blog on the internet and do not run after too much money and keep a trust with your audience because if you have an audience then the money will come from you. Get a good audience for the blog.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in 2019

Hello friends, you are welcome in our another new blog post, friends, if you want to know How to earn Money Online without investing anything, then today I will tell you in such a way that you can easily earn millions by sitting at home and yes. This is not a joke, really you can earn a lot of money online from home.

Earn Money Online From Fiverr

Friends, Fiverr is also a great website, if you want to do something online, it is also just like Freelancer, you can earn a lot of money by working with companies through your Skills.

Friends, as I know Web Designing, I get work related to my skills from there and earn a lot of money from there, you can earn money from here too.

Make Money From Online Teaching Course

Friends, Make Money From Online Teaching can be the best way if you are a master in any subject, then there is a lot of online websites where you can make millions by sitting at home and sharing your knowledge if you are good in any field or subject.

Earn Money From Blogging 

Friends, if you have passion for blogging or writing articles, then you should join blogging from now on and go to, you create a new blog from your Gmail account and then start writing in it means write something in which No one else can write better than you and write at least 15 to 20 Seo Friendly Post

And manually submit all those blogposts in Google Search Console and then you create your google adsense account and submit your website there, then google will check your website and approve you and then you put google ads in your website. You will be able to generate a lot of online income from the blog

Make Online Money From Youtube

Friends, you all must know about YouTube, the internet is being used the fastest with the arrival of jio and every day billions of people run YouTube and Content Creator like you and us.

Educate or entertain everyone through YouTube and must have seen that whenever you open a video, the first few seconds Ad comes in it, which we skip.

So in the video of all those content creators, ad comes through Google adsense and all creators earn a lot of money from that and Google keeps some percentage of that and gives the rest to those youtube creators.

Earn Online Money From Affiliate Marketing

Friends, if I talk about Earn Online Money, then this is the easiest and best way to make online money, Affiliate Marketing and in today's Digital World, most of all online shopping is more.

From Amazon or Flipkart, you create an affiliate account on these two and promote your affiliate link, that is, promote your affiliate link to your friends and family everywhere.

And if anyone will buy any item from your affiliate link, then you will get some affiliate commission from that and that commission can be different on every product.

Best Free Tool For Keyword Research

Friends, you are welcome in our new blog, so today our topic is a free tool for keyword research, friends if you are getting started in blogging and want to know about such free keyword research tool.

From which you can find the best free keyword and write an excellent post on it, so that you can bring your page or website to google search appearance, today I will tell you such free and best keyword research tool from where you can do keyword research.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool


Friends, if you talk about free keyword research tools, after Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest is an excellent Free Keyword Search Tool that gives you accurate data after Google Planner, how much monthly search volume is on a specific keyword.

And how much SEO difficulty is there for that keyword and how much CPC you get on that particular keyword, it tells you everything for free, so this tool comes in second, friends not only if you search any keyword in uber suggest

Wordstream Free Tool for Keyword Research

Friends, you can also remove keywords for yourself from workstream and from here you can save all those keywords in excel or pdf format so that you can use all those keywords in your article, friends will give you a suggestion here that you will always Pay attention to website content and know how to write an informative article while using focus keyword

You should not write your post as much as you needless information, to know that the user has come to your website and do not use your keyword more frequently in the article as the length of your article is only 2 OR 3% per cent. Use what is right in the eyes of Google

Bing Free Keyword Research Tool

Friends, Bing is considered to be the largest search engine after Google and first of all, go to Bing Webmaster Tool and submit your website here, and in the bing webmaster tool, you will get to see many excellent and free tools which are absolutely free.

Here you have to go to Dashboard and go to Diagnostic & Tool option, and then you can find your keyword by going to Keyword Research, and it has been provided a free tool by  Bing, and the best keyword finder tool is Google and ubersuggest.

Google Planner For Keyword Research

Friends, Google keyword planner is a free and best keyword research tool by which you can find the keyword for absolutely free, on which keyword you have to work, from here you can find the search volume, competition, and CPC of that particular keyword and Then by writing an excellent post on it, you can easily rank it in Google.

As you know Google is the biggest search engine, and all bloggers want to rank their posts in Google, so here google keyword planner can be very beneficial for you, and it is the absolutely free and best tool.

So this will tell you how many posts on this keyword are already ranked in Google, so from this you can go to all those websites and see how they have written an excellent post on this keyword, so that they can be found on the first page of Google Ranking and you can leave them behind by writing more good articles from them and bring your article to the first page

Monday, November 4, 2019

What is Truecaller? Explained

A normal user always has trouble taking all calls because very often there are some unwanted calls which we do not like to pick up. Many of us users do not know what Truecaller is and how Truecaller works?

Truecaller is a unique app that delivers an experience that is beyond the limitations of earlier phonebook apps.

It helps people to find other contact information which are based on name and number. In this, users do not have to receive calls to identify or block any incoming calls. Therefore, you will never have to leave this service to get the right contact.

What is Truecaller App?

Truecaller is a mobile application that is used by users all over the world on the basis of a number lookup service. Its job is to provide all the information of incoming calls to the users.

Truecaller developed a Swedish company named True Software Scandinavia AB. It is a privately held company of Stockholm, Sweden which was founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009.

How truecaller works?

It has a Wide Caller Directory
The PC version of Truecaller not only detects your locality numbers but it also detects international numbers. Also, this app can identify national and international numbers and all their available information.

Performs auto detection
This app does not detect only those numbers which are saved in your contact list. Rather, all these numbers which are in a website, or in any social media such as WhatsApp or facebook messenger too, by clicking them, you can identify all those numbers in Truecaller.

Excessive Spam Protects Us From Calls
This app automatically detects spam and fake calls and prevents them from reaching the users. Whenever a spammer calls you, then your screen automatically turns into red and a warning starts appearing. These are the same numbers that many people have given the tag of spam.

Truecaller is available in both Free Version and Premium version. Where the free version is absolutely free, in the premium version users have to pay some subscription fees. In Truecaller account in Premium Version, a Pro badge shows in the user profile. Together you can get up to 30 contacts request in a single month. Apart from this, you will not see any more ads at all.

Benefits of truecaller

  • You can block all the callers who hide their numbers and do not allow your identity to be displayed.
  • Truecaller can work on any device without internet.
  • This app has options to block unwanted calls and messages.

If you want, you can manually fill all basic information in Truecaller or connect your Truecaller account to your social account, so that they can automatically collect all the information.
Profiles are verified manually in Truecaller. For this work, Truecaller has a community of its own, whose job is to identify the correct profiles and give them a "verified" badge. This makes it very difficult for spammers to create fake profile in Truecaller.

What is Reddit? How to Increase Blog Traffic By Using it?

Reddit Internet is a very popular discussion website. It also calls itself the front page of the internet. And there are no traces in this matter. This is because it makes its place among the top 10 sites all over the world.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a link sharing, discussion, and community building platform. Reddit's main unit of content is its "posts", which only users with a reddit account can submit.
The founders of Reddit are Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz and Alexis Ohanian. All three were made in this year 2005.

What is Frontpage in Reddit?

Where subreddits are the internal part of reddit where the community is ready. In contrast, the frontpage is where the majority of redditors spend their time, and read the contents that the stamps of subreddit communities have already found. Only the best content of each subreddit is visible in the front page, while the front page depends on each subreddits to which they are subscribed.
Therefore, to get in the front page, your content or post should have already got good upvotes so that people can know more about it, along with that the content quality should be as good that it is worth going to the front page.

Administration and Moderation of Reddit
Reddit Administrators or "Admins" always appear in red text and "[A]" is in their username. Admins have a very good hands-off approach when it comes to moderateing the content, they are only visible when an issue is not resolved by the moderators.

You can also consider moderators as community managers and they are assigned their roles on a subreddit-by-subreddit basis. A moderator has the power to remove any posts and comments from a subreddit, can also mark posts and comments spam, can ban any single user from posting, and also I can also invite other users to become moderators.

How to increase your blog's traffic with Reddit?

Note down what Audience is discussing
Understand the interest of the viewers, what they like to see, what they are reading, and prepare their content accordingly. With this you will get organic traffic and together you can answer the questions of that people better.

Choose a Relevant Subreddit
Subreddit is very important in Reddit. Because it is very specific topic wise and in this you can target completely niched customers. Like this, you get targeted traffic in it.

Do not abuse the site
Gradually, when you will see traffic coming in your blog, then do not abuse this thing. Because it happens so often that if something is being provided to us for free, then we start using it incorrectly. That's not good at all.
Reddit gives more importance to the consumer and not to any business. Here reddit users look for quality content and not wasteful advertisement. Therefore, before promoting anything, keep in mind that your post should be valuable and not advertisement.

Every subreddits have their own rules, so read them carefully.

What is Telegram? Explained

There will be many such people among you who may have used Whatsapp, but perhaps you do not know about what Telegram is. Yes friends, Telegram is a messaging app just like Whatsapp.

What is Telegram?

Telegram wikipedia is a could-based instant messaging service. This is such a messenger with which you can chat online with your family and friends.

Like you do in Whatsapp Messenger. You can say this is a very big alternative to Whatsapp. It is available in all platforms such as Android, iOS and Telegram PC, etc.

Telegram is very easy to use, reliable and safe and secure compared to its competitors.
Telegram is an Instant Messaging and Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) service (Mobile and PC App) based on Cloud. Cloud here means that the data of your Telegram App is stored in Telegram's server instead of your device.

Telegram has many features that make it different from others such as Telegram Groups, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bots, Telegram Stickers etc.

Some Security Features of Telegram App

Encryption: - While other messaging apps have only 2 layers of encryption, Telegram has 3 layers of encryption, which makes it more secure than others.

Secret Chat: - It has the feature of secret chat, where you can destroy your chats when your conversation is over and if you want, you can also delete them automatically, for which you have to set a time. .

Protocol: - Telegram uses MTProto protocol to encrypt the data of its users.

Telegram's team (Office) is currently based in Dubai, but Telegram App belongs to Russia (Russia). Telegram's team had to leave Russia due to some local It rules. Before moving to Dubai, he tried hard to go to many places including Berlin, London and Singapore.

At the same time, for your information, let us know that even though both of these brothers are from Russia, they both made their non-profit company in germany, so officially it is a German company.

What is telegram channel

Like other applications, Telegram Channels is a very important reason that most people download and use Telegram.

With these channels, all users can easily read news, watch analytics, learn investing strategies and get good information.

Nowadays, Telegram Channels has become a very better place to get maximum information on a particular topic. It is better than internet, Facebook pages and even Instagram pages in terms of knowledge.

Features of Telegram Channels

Unlimited Members
There is no restriction when members join. Anyone can join your channel with the help of public or private links. Telegram will never warn you for member counts.

If a new member joins your channel then he / she can comfortably read all the messages that you or an admin posted from the beginning of the channel.

Pinning post
If you want to show an important message to your new as well as old members then you can pin that post for it.

With this, that pinned message will always be displayed at the top of your channel. Often announcement or important updates are pinned to the channel.

Channel Icon and Description
It helps you set a square image like a channel icon which helps in identifying a Telegram channel. You can also add a description to your channel. You can also add a link in this description section.

What is Amazon Prime? Benefits & More

Today I am going to tell you about what is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a premium service of, for which users first have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. After taking the subscription, you will not have to pay any shipping charge or delivery charge for whatever product you buy under amazon Prime, along with this subscription you also get many services for free.

So if you buy most of your items from amazon, then it is a good news for you that amazon has started Amazon Prime membership for 60 days in India from free trial, whose benefits will now be able to lift it well.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime?

Prime Exclusive Deals: - 30 minutes before the start of Amazon's lightning deals, Amazon Prime member gets access to non-member already. Which means that you will be able to buy any discount products by choosing 30 minutes in advance from a non-member. And you know that discount products are limited in lightning deals.

Fast Delivery: - Customers of all 100 cities of India can get amazon products in a day or two in fast free delivery. Earlier what used to be that whenever the customer wanted fast delivery, for that the customers had to pay the product amount as well as extra charges.

But now you will subscribe to Amazon Prime and become its member, then you will not have to pay extra charges with your product and the products will also reach your pass time with free delivery.

Amazon Prime early access: - In this, all the offers or deals of amazon to Amazon Prime Users will be running, it will open before normal users can access. Also You can read - Alt Balaji Free Subscription
After 60 days of free trial, if any customer wants to continue his membership in this way, then he will get Rs. You will have to pay an amount of 999 for one year.

Prime Photo: - If you want to store your photos online safely, then you can take the service of Amazon Prime Photo. In this, Cloud Storage is used to store your photos.

Users can access their photos in the web, mobile device, or a desktop application on your computer.

Here comes the question in the minds of many people that how will we find out whether the product they have selected comes inside amazon prime or not? So the simple answer to this is that whatever products will come inside amazon prime, the logo of prime will be present in that product, so that you will easily know that you are choosing your product from inside amazon prime.

This service is already present in the US (United States or USA) and Amazon Prime is very popular among the people there. Amazon has now launched its same service in India as well.

Thanks You.

Best Tips to Promote A New Blog

Today I thought that for the help of our new and old bloggers friends and anyone who wants to blogging, today I have written this post which will help you people how to promote blog in the right way.

Some Tips to Promote Blog

Be unique

Always write about your contents because most people are not much attracted towards the same things. In such a situation, they want something new to study. If your articles are unique then you can easily attract their attention.

Go along trend

You always have to follow the current trend. Whatever new thing is happening, you should write posts on those things itself, this will automatically attract people because they will feel that you are always working with trends on the basis of a blogger.

Be helpful

I request all these Bloggers and Content Writers that before writing any article, make sure to ask yourself that whatever new thing you are going to write, can it be useful to anyone in any way, if its If the answer is yes, then keep on writing further and if not, writing such articles is also not beneficial.

Do Proper Keyword Research

To get your articles to search results, you have to do keyword research in a good way because by not doing so it is not so easy to bring them to Search Results. The same mistake is mainly done by all new bloggers.

Create Visual Content

I believe that if all the bloggers make their blog posts attracted visually, then you, the visitors will be drawn towards those contents. Everyone can be easily influenced by Creative Pictures and Creative Graphics.

Your Contents should be according to your Audience

If your contents are not able to meet the requirements of your audience, then there is no purpose to generate such content. Therefore, you have to make relevant content for Relevant Audience so that they benefit.

While sharing, add Context to it.

Whenever you share the links of a post anywhere, then do not only share the link only, but also add some context to it, so that the viewer definitely gets some idea about your post.

Do multiple Tweets and do some Interval Gap

Since your tweets go down for some time, tweet your tweets periodically so that it can reach as many people as possible and your traffic also increases.

Use Pinterest

Many bloggers are still not using Pinterest because they are unaware of its capability. Many good bloggers believe that having an official account on Pinterst is mandatory in some way.

Send email to your Audience according to Content Topic and their Interest

Segment your audience in advance so that it will be easier for you to send them email. You can send them an email according to their interest. Which will reach the right email to the right people.

Generate lead

This is a very good way to convert your Traffic into Subscriber. For this, you have to give them some value, which can be some ebook, software, tools etc. that you want to get in exchange for their email id. Which you can use later.

What is Professional Blogging? Explained

If you are reading this post, then I give you some idea about Blogging. Blog is a kind of website where people share their knowledge or information.

We can divide blogging into two categories.

1. Personal or Hobby Blogging
2. Professional Blogging

What is professional blogging?

You must have understood what a blogger is. So let's talk about some knowledge. Is it possible that someone can do business without planning? No, it is not possible. Professional bloggers have a good and better plan and strategy, through which they earn money from their blog. If you want to earn well through blogging, then you need a better plan, dedication, hard work and patience for it.

Some Important Tips to Become a Better Professional Blogger

  • You have to be Passionate and Patient
If your goal is only to earn money from blogging then you should not blogging. There are no shortcuts to achieve success.

If you want to become a successful professional blogger, then you will have to constantly strive for it, work hard, keep yourself motivated and be passionate for whatever work you are doing. So if I believe, blogging only on what you find interesting.

  • Stick on a niche
This is the key to blogging. Write articles only on whatever topic or niche you are going to choose. Do not change the topic of articles frequently. By doing this, people lose confidence from the top of your blog.
  • Be unique
Uniqueness is a very important part of blogging. This is an important factor for Blogging. If your blog is not unique then people will not like it because there are many blogs that write the same content and people do not like such similar articles much.
  • Do not become Copy Cat
You will already be familiar with this thing that on any topic on which you make a blog, there will already be millions of blogs. Which will often write similar articles. And in such a situation, if you too start copying from others like them, then you will never be able to do professional blogging.

Therefore, before writing any new article, gather data about it, for this you can do a lot of research. And then give a good form to your ideas which will give some value to people.
  • Contribute to other blogs of your Niche
Google itself has said that from the perspective of SEO, Guest Blogging is a very good SEO Tactics. This solution is effective as long as you submit better articles in better blogs. This increases the exposure of your blog by several times. People get information about your subject, who read articles in your niche.

So you have to prepare a list of top bloggers of your niche and they have to approach for guest posts which will benefit both of you. This will create good network in both of you. This will benefit both of you in the long run.
  • Keep updating blog
Today's time is about to change. Everyday something changes here, in the same way the same happens with Blogs. Audience always needs something new.

Being a Professional Blogger, you have to constantly update the contents of your blog. By doing this, not only will your audience be indulged, but this will also increase the traffic of your blog to a great extent.

Best Apps to Make Money Online (Trusted & Safe)

In this article today, we will know about some such money-making app, through which you can earn money online, even only using your SmartPhone. Believe the truth, it is absolutely true.

Best Apps to Earn Money Online

There are many money making apps on the Internet which are available on Android and iOS platform, from which you can easily earn less real money, as well as rewards such as gift cards, free recharges, PayTM cash, etc. There are many genuine ways you can use it to earn money.

How much can you earn from Apps Online?

This is a very common question that people often ask: "How much you can earn online from these Android Mobile Apps?". The simple answer to this is that it depends on how much ability you have to do any work and in how much time you do it.

1. U Speak We Pay

There is a very good Android Mobile Application for making online income at home with U Speak We Pay, which is called "U Speak We Pay". This mobile app provides users with speaking money.

The real name of this application is "U Speak We Pay" and you can understand the concept behind it by name. In this also, 2Lakhs are more than registered users and their number is increasing.

This android app is different from others because this app provides money to its users.

  • First of all you have to download this app from Google Play store and install it in your phone.
  • Then choose your preferred language and click on Record Button.
  • Now this app will display some messages to you and you have to read those sentences properly which appear in the screen.
  • At the same time, after successful completion of this task, you can earn real money in your account.

2. mCent

Nowadays, look at who has a smartphone and they always use them to browse the internet.

Most users are prepaid users and when their data pack is exhausted, they have to recharge it again.

MCent was brought in just to overcome this tension. Here you do not have to worry about your mobile data pack recharge. Because mCent has an improved first built-in browser that gives you the reward of users browsing in it, also on the basis of free data pack.

3. Moocash

Moocash is a very good money earning apps that provides you money by completing activities like completing tasks, playing games, trying new free apps, watching videos, etc.

At the same time, here you can earn your income in the form of cash, bitcoin, prepaid top-up recharge voucher etc. This is an app that keeps you fully entertained and also provides entertainment money.

You will not even believe that you can earn good money just by watching small videos. You can earn up here on iTunes, Amazon, Google plays gift card, etc. Then let's know how you can make money from it.

4. Phonepe

PhonePe is a very large and safe online money making payment store in India that offers great offers to users.

How will I tell myself that you can fill all your important payments using this trusted application? PhonePe is also better than internet banking, where the transaction is done very simple and at a faster rate.

Here, you also get instant offers and refunds, cash back. Apart from this you can get around Rs. Can transact up to 1 lac per day.

For every successful transaction, you get (PhonePe app), cash back, which you can redeem in online payments such as in filling bill of any online transactions, mobile, and in data recharge.